February 2011

FAdo - v.0.9.2



⁃ fl.py: Finite Languages module added to the project. AFA, ADFA and ANFA supported
⁃ fl.py: Uniform random generation of trie automata with (at least) a word of a maximum length added.
⁃ Grail+ interface improved. Now, only if the command has more than one argument a temporary file is created.
⁃ Grammar tables for grail, reex and FAdo now are “invisible”
⁃ rndfa.py added: a wrap for the ICDFA random Generator.
⁃ fa.py errors corrected in minimisation methods.
⁃ fa.py: readFromFile now supports comments as documented.
⁃ fa.py: saveToFile deals correctly with append flag.
⁃ fa.py: bugs on deleteState() were corrected.

FAdo - v.0.9.1