FAdo - v.0.9.3



⁃ fa.py: trimP corrected accordingly
⁃ Version in package now reflects the proper version and not the major one
⁃ fa.py: corrections and simplifications added to ADFA.minimal()
⁃ fl.py: andom balanced and "unbalanced" trie generation
⁃ Solved a bug with a mutual inclusions between fa and fl.
⁃ fl.py: DFAtoADFA now resides in fl.
⁃ fl.py: sigmaInititialSegment() added to fl
⁃ fa.py: product of dfas now ensures that its argument is a dfa.
⁃ fl.py: prefix-free and prefix-closed finite languages random trie added
⁃ fa.py: renaming of AcyclicP to acyclicP. Loops are now excluded from the test unless a strict flag is passed as an argument.